Emily Watson

Enhancing Public Safety: The Role of Access Control, Security Cameras, and Integrated Systems in Addressing Mass Gun Violence

As access control systems, security cameras, electric gates, and burglar alarms become essential components of modern security infrastructures, it’s crucial to address the pressing issue of mass gun violence and how it should inform physical security planning. With a growing number of tragic incidents in public spaces, schools, and workplaces,

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video surveillance Security camera - CCTV to secure your assets

15 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Using Security Cameras

Security cameras are an important aspect of any business’s security system. They can help deter criminal activity and provide evidence in the event of a security breach. However, there are several common mistakes that businesses make when using security cameras that can compromise their effectiveness. In this blog post, we

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Simulation of an access control system using a fingerprint

Why Access Control Systems is Important

Access control systems have become increasingly important in recent years due to the rise in security threats and the need for better protection of people, assets, and information. Whether you are a business owner, a facility manager, or a homeowner, having an effective access control system is crucial to ensuring

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